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We are extremely excited to offer Glisten & Glow's high quality nail care products on our site!  Glisten & Glow nail care products are all hand-created and bottled with love by real humans.  We LOVE all of their products but their Topcoat is consistently voted #1 on the market 10+ years in a row!  Try these products for yourself to see how they extend the life of your manicure and make your polishes super glossy!

Additionally, VNL Blur is our in-house created base coat.  VNL Blur is a semi-sheer nude colored base coat that helps you use less of your favorite polishes. VNL Blur helps blur the line between the free edge and the nail surface for a smooth transition underneath sheer and jelly polishes. You only need 1 coat and this base coat is self-leveling.
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