12 Days of Giveaways contest winners

Day 1
Jorjana Marx
M—— D—— (name omitted at winner’s request)
Day 2
Nicole Berkovich
Dina Barrera
Maria Sihto
Alison Crinieri
Day 3
Priscilla Cruz
Samantha Kauchis
Day 4
Emily Mills
Katie Keogh
K---- S----- (name omitted at winner’s request)
Terri Staats
Day 5
 Lindsay Coffman
Valerie Manke
Day 6
Kristen Sickles
Patricia Medina
Kamaree Serio
Jorgelina Vinaras
Day 7
Sheri Adelman
Vanessa Echeverry
Day 8
Jen Carcamo
Allie Amor
Day 9
Danielle O---- (last name omitted at winner’s request)
D--- S---- (name omitted at winner’s request)
Ivana Xiong
Helene Dombrowski
Day 10
Dina Barrera
Shelby Ashcraft
Lindsey Petersen
Lisa Kovacs
Day 11
Delia Nieves
Elizabeth Flitcroft
Day 12
Jennifer Lynn Markus
Alyssa Vanderline
Congratulations to our winners!  Prizes are mailed out within 3 business days.

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